With over 35 years experience in the Transport Industry including 15 years experience in Chemical Transport both Domestic and European, Gwent Consultancy Ltd offers a complete consultancy service to the Logistics Industry.

We can supply Transport Management Consultancy and Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Consultancy. 

We also supply Driver CPC Training and Chemical Awareness Training

If you, or your business, holds an Operators Licence then you should be aware that a great deal of responsibility comes with it. If you cannot demonstrate that you are compliant with the undertaking you have signed up for, you could be called before the Traffic Commissioner and penalized heavily or worse, lose your Operators Licence.

Are you confident that you are operating legally and are completely compliant? Or are just dreading that inevitable visit from a DVSA inspector?

We can provide a detailed audit of your systems and processes and help you to ensure that your business is completely legitimate. By taking steps yourself, you are also demonstrating to DVSA that you WANT to be the best you possibly can.